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Our Ninja Classes are all about assisting with your child’s development in a fun and safe environment.

We help your child achieve coordination, aerial awareness and agility. These skills will help with your child’s motor skills. Agility improves reaction time and may prevent accidents. Improving coordination enables children to use different parts of their body at the same time. Aerial awareness helps your Ninja know where they are in space and how to jump, move and land safely.

We understand children are unique and progress differently so we teach them these skills at their own pace. Once they have mastered the basics, your child will learn tricks, including front flips, back flips and twisting skills. Your child will have the opportunity to progress through our levels program.



Our trainers will be there to keep your kids safe while they

learn all new ninja tricks.  Rest assured there are no fighting moves involved, so your little ones are in good hands.


You are welcome to watch the classes from our seating area and get a coffee from our café.

Remember, when we exercise, our bodies release endorphins. So, while trampolining is fantastic for physical strength, it also can help improve mood and mental health.

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